Sopocka Autonomiczna Szkoła Podstawowa (Autonomic Primary School of Sopot) was established on the 1st September 1995 by Gdańska Fundacja Oświatowa (Gdańsk Educational Foundation) and has been run by the Foundation for 15 years. Sopocka Autonomiczna Szkoła Podstawowa (Autonomic Primary School of Sopot) together with Sopockie Autonomiczne Gimnazjum (Autonomic Middle School of Sopot) and Sopockie  Autonomiczne Liceum(Autonomic High School of Sopot) forms Sopockie Szkoły Autonomiczne (Autonomic Schools of Sopot) and has been generating interest among parents ever since. The growing popularity of the school is visible in the higher number of children admitted to school every year.

Recently the school building has undergone major renovation works. Apart from a new school facade, there is a brand new gym, a computer lab, a library, a reading room and a climbing wall.

The school was awarded with many official titles such as Szkoła z klasą (A School with Quality), Szkoła bez przemocy (A School without Violence) and Szkoła przyjazna uczniom z dysleksją (Dyslexia-student-friendly School). Our students also participated in European Educational Program Socrates Comenius and International UNICEF scheme Help the Congo Children. In 2010 our school participated in the Odyssey of the Mind in which our team took the second place in Poland and the second place in Europe. Not only does the school take part in national and international tournaments and contests, but also in many charity campaigns e.g. Cała Polska czyta dzieciom (The Whole Poland Reads to Children). Our students enter many subject contests in which they are winners or laureates. High scores in the school leaving tests for sixth graders directly show that student are very well prepared. Due to the fact that our students achieve great results, they are often granted scholarships (e.g. The President of Sopot Scholarship and The Pomeranian Voivodeship Marszałek Scholarship).
For many years now the school has been top-ranked in Trójmiasto: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot primary schools rating. In 2009/2010 school year the school took 2nd rank and in 2010/2011 our school won the first place.



The mission of the Sopocka Autonomiczna Szkoła Podstawowa is to teach effectively and to bring up children in the atmosphere of mutual understanding, tolerance and respect. We take care of our children’s versatile development. Both talented and dysfunction children will find their way as they are taken care of by our professional therapeutics, speech and language pathologists and psychologists from Poradnia Psychologiczno-Pedagogiczna “Osiek” (Psychological-pedagogical counselling service “Osiek”).

Teaching Methods

At our school we implement our own educational concepts. The didactics of the Autonomic Primary School of Sopot was developed by the teachers employed at schools conducted by Gdańska Fundacja Oświatowa. The teaching programs included in it were admitted to scholastic usage by the Polish Minister of National Education 15th February 1999. The concept is based on the obligatory scholastic program of Polish public primary schools and it is constantly updated.

Autonomic Primary School of Sopot can guarantee:

- very high scores in the Sixth Grade School Leaving Tests
- English and German languages from the “O” grade (on different language levels)
- speech and language therapy for children with speech impediments, pedagogical therapy for children with orthography coding problems and dyslexia and psychological therapy in general
- swimming classes, special physical exercises for children with faulty posture, ice rink exercises, climbing wall etc.
- unconventional extra curricular activities and clubs developing talents and hobbies
- two common rooms for children open until 5 p.m. (for 0-3 grade students and for 4-6 graders in a Math or humanist common room)
- modern facilities (interactive school boards, a computer lab, multimedia classrooms)
- school trips, camps and theater, museum and cinema outings
- taking part in educational contests, tournaments, championships, etc
- the possibility of continuing education in Sopockie Autonomiczne Gimnazjum (Autonomic Middle School of Sopot and Sopockie Liceum Autonomiczne (Autonomic High School of Sopot)
- catering

Basic Educational Principles

A very important aspect of educational concept is educational program which is a thoroughly planned way to shape young people’s personalities and to stimulate a child’s emotional and social development. We are assisted with our educational program of Autonomic Schools of Sopot Our Closest Environment- Homeland-the World and the school preventing program Understand Myself-Understand Others-Understand the World. Educational programs are aimed to help and intensify a child’s development. We strongly support children’s parents in shaping those personality features considered to be the most important for them. We develop the ability to differentiate between good and bad behavior, responsibility when it comes to a child’s own decisions, the ability to cooperate and openness. Children Council is one of the governing bodies of the school. It introduces democracy into the school society. Our students are involved in charity campaigns and a wide variety of actions that help the Hospice in Sopot, the Children’s Hospice in Sopot, Caritas Organization in Sopot, Animal Shelter in Sopot. We also take part in Góra Grosza (A Heap of Cents) and Ratuj Konie (Save Horses). Our students actively participate in school’s life by holding national, school and religious official celebrations.
In their educational work, students, teachers and parents are supported by the psychological and pedagogical staff of 'Osiek' who deal with psychological, pedagogical and speech impediment problems.


The teachers of the Autonomic Primary School of Sopot are hand-picked in the competition-based recruitment system. They are competent and experienced in teaching primary school students. The teachers are continuously working on their self-development and improve their skills by taking part in many different conferences, courses, training sessions, which help them in doing their jobs. The staff of our school are qualified and certified people and also authors of numerous didactics publications.





Students’ assessment system

Our students are thoroughly evaluated every year. Descriptive assessment system is used to evaluate 0-3 graders. 4-6 grade students’ assessment is based on point grading. Every year students from 3rd grade up take tests based on the whole year program of a given subject (Polish, Math, English and German), which are called Akcje sprawdzające (Evaluation Tests). They turn out to be the best way to measure school teaching quality in practice. Additionally, they indicate students strengths and weaknesses and measure their progress. They also show emotional preparation for outside exams that students take when they leave school.